Summer classes have become the norm for many college students. While it’s hard to get in the school mindset for the summer, we have a few tips to help you stay focused through summer school and make it successfully to the fall.

Plan For Your Needs

Summer classes are already a hassle for most. Don’t make it worse on yourself by taking a condensed math or science in the summer. Plan your schedule as early as possible to take major-specific classes you’ll enjoy or easier electives during the summer. Save fourth-year physics for the full semester.

Stay Organized

Summer classes are basically full-length semesters squeezed into a few weeks. Do yourself a favor and get organized early in the class. Take notes, create flashcards, and schedule time to study to make your summer learning a bit easier.

Find Study Groups

Make it a point to find groups of students in the same classes as you. Meet them in class, find them on Facebook, or even search for them inside your school’s communication systems, such as BlackBoard or Canvas. Finding people to trade notes with you, study for tests together, or even just vent about class can make or break a summer class.

Give Yourself a Goal

One of the best incentives to study hard is having big plans waiting for you. Schedule a trip at the end of the summer and remind yourself of the break you get when class is over. Go to your hometown, visit friends in another state, or just plan a staycation in town to completely unplug and relax.