With college comes stress. It’s an inevitable obstacle that you’ll have to overcome and deal with on a daily basis. Below are some quick tips and ways to reduce stress as a college student to help you get by.

Organization is Key

If there is one takeaway from this, it’s to make sure you stay organized throughout your college tenure. Avoid any nasty surprises by preparing well ahead of time and plan your days using a calendar (Google calendar works wonders here). Another free task management system that can be incredibly useful is Trello. Check it out and you’ll thank us later =)

Exercise Regularly

Stress is inevitable, and consistent physical activity is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress. Once you get on a regular fitness regimen, not only will you notice your stress levels begin to drop, but you’ll also gain a lot of other benefits like less fatigue, feeling more alert, and better cognitive function in general. The endorphins your body will generate as you exercise will also improve sleep, which brings us to…

Get Your Sleep!

We can’t stress this one enough, as getting good sleep regularly is a vital component of being successful academically and has been proven through countless studies over the years. Did you know that over half of college students are sleep deprived? Don’t be one of them!


Morning and/or nightly meditation can have a huge impact on your stress levels. While meditating, focusing on your breathing itself will affect your breathing pattern and can lead to a drastic reduction in stress levels.

Take Walks

Maybe you don’t have time to workout every day. Taking a walk can do wonders to reduce stress, even if it’s a quick half-mile walk. The change in scenery (especially if you find a great nature spot) will take you outside of the stressful elements and let you hit that reset button.

Eat Healthy & Meal Prep

Sure, fast food and junk food is a quick and easy fix, but lack the nutrition that your body needs to function optimally. Meal-prepping healthy foods over the weekend is a great way to make sure you’re ready for the week ahead and will make the days ahead a little bit easier.